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Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the 21st Century

Icons describing alternatives for biocides and networking with stakeholders.

Sustainable control of harmful organisms requires a large toolkit of possible instruments: From preventive management measures against pests to alternative non-biocidal control measures or an optimised use of biocides. With the initiative “Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the Twenty-First Century” (SCOTTY), UBA brings together different competencies and concepts. read more

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UBA asks EU Commission to foster sustainable use of biocides

Preservative wood into the dose

In the context of the EU Green Week, UBA organised a partner event on the need to finally include biocides in Directive 2009/128/EC on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides or similar legislation. Contributions from stakeholders showed the need for regulatory provisions and also highlighted the opportunities this would bring to foster innovation towards sustainability. read more

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