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Shaping digitalisation in transport sustainably

A woman rents a scooter via an app

Driverless shuttles on the roads, assistance systems in passenger cars and route planning on your phone – these and other current and future developments in the digitalisation of transport, their opportunities and risks, and necessary constraints were analysed in two UBA research projects. The results have now been summarised and published in a brochure. read more


Sustainable mobility

LKW und Pkw auf der Autobahn

Passenger traffic and freight transport in Germany are growing steadily. Increasing numbers of passengers does not necessarily have to hamper personal mobility. By the same token, more freight transport does add up to the better and more efficient supply of goods. read more

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Climate action: Transport sector must do an immediate about-face

Hybrid-Pkw an einer Stromladesäule

If Germany wants to live up to the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement, its transport sector must quickly and drastically cut its greenhouse gas emissions. A recently published paper commissioned by the German Environment Agency confirms this conclusion and proposes concrete measures by which emissions can be reduced significantly and ensure that the climate action goals are achieved. read more

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