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Serious Gaming and Sustainability

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Gaming on PCs, consoles and smartphones has gained immense importance in recent years. The research project “Serious Gaming – Potentials for Knowledge Transfer and Change of Awareness for more Sustainability” of the German Environment Agency takes a systematic look at issues and approaches to the use of this medium. The project is developing its own serious game. read more

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International resource policies

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In recent years, public debate on natural resource conservation and the implementation of measures for increased resource efficiency has gained considerable momentum both in Europe and internationally. This dynamic has helped to shape the environmental policy debate. An UBA research project has now carried out a scientific analysis of resource policies and instruments in nine countries. read more

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Database presents German initiatives on UN sustainability goal 12

Home page of the SDG 12 database

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 goals for worldwide socially, ecologically and economically sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs). The SDG 12 database shows which developments have taken place in Germany since then with regard to Goal 12 "Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns". It currently comprises more than 120 activities. read more


International Workshop, Nairobi, Kenia – August 2018

Internationaler Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya – August 2018

About 40 experts from Africa, from international organiziations and from abroad discussed during the international workshop "Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality in Africa: Means, legal instruments and institutional challenges?" which actions and measures are required in order to achieve an effective implementation of sustainable soil management in Africa. read more

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