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soil protection

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Soil protection at international level

desiccated soil

Whilst global demand for food and renewable raw materials is rising, the very basis for producing these – healthy, fertile soil – is under threat. It is estimated that 1.5 billion people are already affected by the consequences of this development. A coordinated global approach to protecting the vital resource ‘soil’ is therefore urgently necessary. read more

Soil | Agriculture

Precautionary soil protection

Precautionary soil protection means detecting and counteracting harmful impacts on soil early on, i.e., well before soil’s functions become endangered. Once soil has lost its functional capacity it is very difficult to restore. This has implications for all other areas of the environment, including humans. read more

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Soil investigation advisory council (FBU)

In June 2000 the Federal Minister for the Environment established the FBU (soil investigation advisory council), with the goal of creating an organism which, pursuant to Annex 1 of the BBodSchV regulation, will lay the groundwork for implementation of current regulations despite the legally necessary references to standards in the law. read more

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The Federal Environment Agency Soil Protection Commission

Soil protection continues to be treated as the stepchild of environmental politics. This is not just, for soils and their many interconnections to water, air and the climate as well as providing the site for foods and feedstuffs play a crucial role at the heart of precautionary environmental politics. To support the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in the area of soil protection, Prof. Dr. Andreas... read more

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Commissions and advisory boards

Soil protection is an environmental protection task involving overlapping activities, whose scientific aspects involve specialists from numerous disciplines who address soil protection issues. In view of the multifarious environmental consequences of farming, the UBA has strengthened its competencies in this regard via two commissions and an advisory board. read more

Soil | Agriculture

Soil observation and assessment

Gathering soil samples in the forest.

In order for soil to be reliably protected, its status must be monitored continuously over extended periods. Soil data allows for the early detection of soil status and function related changes and damage, which in turn form the basis for elaboration of the necessary measures. Following is a list of the main federal projects and instruments in this regard. read more


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