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Soil loss – any soil crumb counts

Photo of an extreme form of erosion.

When heavy rains or strong winds hit uncovered soil, soil material can be transported downslope or through the open landscape. Soil erodes and will be deposited elsewhere. The result is the degradation of fertile soil, which we need as a basis for life. Erosion limits the functions of soils, pollutes water bodies and damages infrastructures. read more

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Soil loss by water erosion

Uncovered soils are exposed unprotected to the energy of water during heavy and prolonged rainfall. The water transports the soil irretrievably downhill. As a result, fertile soil is lost, and therefore the yielding capacity on arable land. In addition, the eroded material and the absorbed nutrients and pollutants can pollute neighboring water bodies. read more

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Land – a precious resource

Photo of concrete slabs with gras growing through

It’s no exaggeration to say that Germany’s land undergoes all manner of abuse on a daily basis, ranging from contaminant and nutrient inputs to road and housing construction and erosion. Moreover, climate change has a devastating effect on soil ecology, which can also be degraded by intensive farming. read more

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