Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the 21st Century

Icons describing alternatives for biocides and networking with stakeholders.

Sustainable control of harmful organisms requires a large toolkit of possible instruments. From preventive management measures against pests to alternative non-chemical control measures or an optimised use of biocides: the range of potential options is huge. With the initiative “Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the Twenty-First Century” (SCOTTY), UBA brings together different competenci... read more


Non-Chemical Alternatives for Rodent Control (NoCheRo)

Die Silhouette einer Ratte vor grünem Hintergrund

Since an EU workshop on non-chemical alternatives in rodent control in 2018, a working party has developed a draft guidance on the assessment of efficacy and animal welfare impact of traps. The guidance was presented in a second EU workshop and published on this website, besides background information on the European workshops and the follow-up activities. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment