Indicator: River eutrophication by phosphorus

A graph shows the measuring points that do not comply with the orientation values for phosphorus for the years 1982 to 2021. These are divided into quality classes depending on the level of exceedance. The proportion without exceedances has increased. The proportion of medium and severe exceedances (QC IV) has fallen sharply.

Too high phosphorus concentrations are measured at more than half of all river measurement stations in Germany.The share has declined by around one third since the beginning of the 1980s. Extreme levels of pollution are very rare nowadays.Aim of the Sustainability Strategy is to meet the requirements for good status for phosphorous in all water bodies by 2030 at the latest.This requires a change i... read more

Indicator: Ecological status of rivers

A graph shows the distribution of the environmental status and potential of the rivers for the years 2015 and 2021. The target for 2027 is also shown (100 percent ‘good’ or ‘very good’). In 2021, 8 percent showed at least a good status or good potential.

In 2021 only around 8 % of German streams and rivers were in at least a good ecological status or had at least a good ecological potential.According to the European Water Framework Directive, by 2015 with a time extension to 2027 all rivers must have achieved at least a good ecological status or potential.The time up to 2027 must be used to reach these demanding targets.The measures taken to date... read more

News on Chemicals and Water

Pesticides in Europe's waters – data assessment

a man is taking a water sampling

Pesticides can cause damage to the environment. A project coordinated by the German Environment Agency for the European Environment Agency provides the first overview of pesticides in rivers. lakes and groundwater reported by EU Member States. The report confirms that additional measures are necessary to ensure compliance with environmental quality standards in waters. read more

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