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Risk management in river basins

Emissions to air, water and soil and the number of accidents at industrial facilities due to shortcomings in accident prevention had taken on alarming proportions by the 1970s. UBA addressed the problem and in the years since then has formulated a comprehensive risk management strategy for international river basins. read more

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Checklists for the pulp and paper industry

These sector-specific checklists make up a guidance manual for checking and assessing the condition of plants in the pulp and paper industry that handle substances and preparations hazardous to water. They comprise an overview of the various fields of action and, for each relevant area of production, a part devoted to identifying potential risk sources and modernization goals.Контрольные листы для... read more

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More Checklists

These checklists will serve as a hand guide for a first visit in properties, which are containing suspected sites to be contaminated by substances being hazardous to water. Within a staged processing the checklists aim at a pre assessment of the risk potential in properties and a first investigating visit to evaluate suspected contaminated sites and to complete the data base for those sites.Контро... read more

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Checklists for preventing water pollution from installations

Based on recommendations by international river basin and water body commissions, a checklist concept was developed as a tool to efficiently evaluate the condition of installations handling substances and preparations hazardous to water. It comprises an overview of potential fields of action as well as specific checklists subdivided by functional units, sectors and risk areas.Контрольные листы по... read more


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