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OECD Handbook Environmental Due Diligence Mineral Supply Chains

Environmental Issues of Mineral and Metal Supply in a broader sustainability context

The minerals and metals industries, including the mining sector, have been associated with human rights violations and serious environmental impacts. How to address human rights violations and conflict related risks has been taken up broadly in due diligence guidance and company practice in mineral supply chains. Sector specific practical guidance on environmental issues is missing so far. read more

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Digitalisation and natural resources

Ein blaues Band mit binärem Code

Digitalisation is increasingly affecting all aspects of our lives. However, its impact on the natural resource demand has not been sufficiently examined, yet. The UBA research project ‘Digitalisation and natural resources’ applies simulation models to analyse the resource intensity of the digital transformation in Germany with the aim of identifying ways for an environmentally sound development. read more


Indicator: Raw material consumption

A graph shows the primary raw material consumption per capita for 2000 to 2016. It is divided according to different types of materials. Raw material consumption dropped over the long-term but hasn’t shown a clear direction in recent years.

Per capita raw material consumption fell by 24 % between 2000 and 2016. No trend could be detected for the recent time period since 2009.These figures include raw materials which were required for the production of consumed goods at home and abroad.German raw material consumption is too high by international comparison and has to be reduced further. read more

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