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Waste prevention

A waste container being emptied

Waste prevention conserves resources and protects people and the environment. It is therefore a primary goal of the circular economy. In 2013, the Waste Prevention Program with the participation of the federal states was adopted. It was drawn up with support of the German Environment Agency. The waste prevention program was reviewed in 2019 and updated in 2021. read more

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Resource conservation law

aufgestapelte, gefällte Bäume

Despite the growing demand for natural resources and the environmental problems entailed by this demand, in Germany there are as yet no laws on the books that adequately address this issue. Resource conservation law should take into account the entire value creation chain and should mandate both multi-sector and sector-specific instruments. read more

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Resource conservation and environmental policy

shiny metal waste

Resource use and the competition for scarce resources such as clean water, land and raw materials are on the rise worldwide, while at the same time worldwide environmental problems such as climate change, soil degradation and biodiversity loss are worsening. Hence resource stewardship and efficient resource use are one of the main challenges we face today and are a key environmental policy issue. read more

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Waste oil

Three barrels of waste oil

Today oil changes in a car are predominantly made in garages. So the question arises for individuals about the whereabouts of waste oil hardly. However, waste oils, in particular high-quality motor oils, are a resource that is routed to the recycling or to other recovery. read more

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