REACH Directive


REACH for Consumers

Tip-BoxTake advantage of your right to information under REACH! It sends a clear message that you do not want to buy products that contain Substances of Very High Concern. A request to the supplier can be sent quickly and easily by using the app Scan4Chem launched by the Federal Environment Agency. In addition to the right to information under REACH, quality labels that mark green and user-fr... read more


Good to know about nanomaterials

Nano structures

The Federal Environment Agency supports an objective debate on the chances and risks which nanotechnology involves. It wants to help promote the opportunities nanotechnology offers for environment and health protection while at the same time evaluating and preventing its risks. read more


Implementation of REACH

RegistrationThe major task of producers and importers of chemicals is to evaluate these chemicals and register them with ECHA. Registration of all chemicals occurs in three stages. The first stage ended in November 2010, the second runs until November 2013, and the third will end in mid-2018.EvaluationIt is the responsibility of the competent authorities to check the registrations. Five per cent o... read more


UBA in the REACH process

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German chemicals legislation appoints UBA as the responsible authority for environment under REACH. UBA has therefore become the competent body for the assessment of environmental risks associated with chemicals. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is the authority responsible for consumer protection in Germany, and occupational safety is in the remit of the Federal Institute for Occup... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment