municipal waste


Indicator: Recycling municipal waste

A graph shows the proportions of processed and recycled municipal waste in the total quantity of municipal waste from 2002 to 2020. During this period the proportion of recycled municipal waste rose from 56.1 to 67.4 percent.

The recycling rate for municipal waste rose from 56 % in 2002 to 67.4 % in 2020.The target set by the Federal Government of increasing the recycling percentage for municipal waste to 65 % by 2020 has therefore been achieved.However, there is still a need for action for individual subgroups of municipal waste. read more

Indicator: Amount of waste – municipal waste

A graph shows the amount of municipal waste from 2002 to 2019. During this period the amount fell from 52.8 million tonnes to 50.6 million tonnes.

The volume of municipal waste fluctuates only slightly over time. In 2020 it stood at 51.0 million tonnes.The target of environmental policy is to decouple the amount of waste from economic growth.This target has been achieved. However, to reduce resource consumption, municipal waste has to decline further. read more

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