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Hazard radar for iron, copper and bauxite supply chains

Aerial view of the world's largest iron ore mine, the Carajás mine in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil

100 major copper, iron ore and bauxite (“aluminium ore”) mine sites worldwide have been assessed for their environmental hazard potentials. Results have been published in an interactive map with a number of filter functions. In particular, companies can use the map to analyse environmental risks along supply chains and to support their environmental due diligence. read more

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Mining in Mongolia to become more environmentally friendly

Spoil from the Erdenet copper mine is dumped outside the mining town.

Mongolia is one of the richest countries worldwide in terms of raw materials. Mining is a major industry but mining activities, increasing steadily since the 1990s, are causing environmental problems. An advisory assistance project organized by UBA is answering a call from the Mongolian Ministry for Environment & Tourism to exchange experience and to deepen German-Mongolian cooperation. read more

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Ecofriendly abiotic resource extraction

Truck and excavator for the degradation abiotic raw materials

Increasing amounts of abiotic resources are being extracted with each passing year. These elements are converted into or used to make raw materials, with the aim of meeting growing worldwide demand. In increasingly ecologically sensitive areas, this evolution is exacerbating worldwide environmental problems such as climate change, soil degradation, and biodiversity loss. read more

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