Metals and selenium are found in the environment in various different compounds. Their geogenic concentrations (background concentrations ) vary. Some metals and selenium are essential for organisms at low concentrations. read more

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Batteries of different size and color

Batteries are ubiquitous nowadays and enable us to use many different kinds of mobile devices independently of the power grid. The environmental and resource relevance of batteries stems from the valuable and hazardous substances they may contain. Hence under no circumstances should batteries ever be disposed of with household waste. read more


Survey 1990-1992 in Comparison with Survey 1997-1999

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One of the main goals of GerES is to document a trend in time of population exposure. Data from the different surveys have to be made comparable to achieve this goal:A comparison is only possible for the same age group (25 to 69 years of age). Data from 1990-1992 was recalculated for this age group ignoring data for the 18 to 25 years old and the 69 to 79 years old population.Data from 1997-1999 w... read more

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