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Assessment of the EU’s strategic vision “A Clean Planet for All”

The picture shows a modell of the earth in green gras.

In 2018, the European Commission published its communication “A clean planet for all”, which calls for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. A thorough study commissioned by UBA assessing the underlying scenarios for policy making shows, that central aspects for building an adequate ambitious long-term climate strategy, such as socio-economic, fiscal and technological, had been considered. read more

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How can the EU achieve net-zero greenhousegas emissions?

The picture shows solar panels as well as wind turbines.

With the Paris Agreement the EU urgently needs to re-assess its long-term target. A new scenario, commissioned by UBA, shows that a GHG-neutral EU is feasible, based on a fully decarbonized energy supply, without carbon capture and storage. Key components of the scenario are a strong increase in energy efficiency as well as far-reaching electrification. The use of bioenergy is strongly limited. read more

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EU publishes long-term climate strategy

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The Paris Agreement invites parties to provide their low carbon development strategies by 2020 in order to disclose their plans to support the implementation of the Agreement. Recently the European Commission (EC) published a set of documents presenting its analysis of options for long-term climate policy in the European Union. read more

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