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Making the EU Emissions Trading System fit for the future

Europaflaggen wehen im Wind vor einem Regierungsgebäude

Apart from aligning the cap with the new climate target for 2030, the upcoming EU ETS reform also includes a review of the market stability reserve (MSR). A research project commissioned by the UBA proposes to adjust central MSR parameters in order to strengthen its function to stabilize the market in the event of external shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic. read more

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New EU Innovation Fund: how can it support climate protection?

industrial plant

A research report commissioned by the UBA has analysed a range of options for designing the EU Innovation Fund (IF), a financing instrument created under the EU Emissions Trading System to support demonstration projects for low-carbon innovation in the power sector and industry. From 2019 onwards, this fund will use revenues from auctioning emissions trading allowances for this purpose. read more

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