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Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

used electrical and electronic equipment in a container, for example monitors, computers and household appliances

The aims of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) are "to protect the environment and health" and "to conserve natural resources". The basic prerequisites for achieving these aims are to prevent waste and to make the most efficient use of resources possible. The ElektroG also requires producers to assume responsibility for the entire life cycle of their products. read more

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Extending the service life of electrical appliances

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The service life of most electrical appliances and equipment is becoming ever shorter – at the expense of the environment. The production of new models requires the consumption of valuable precious metals and energy which are not compensated by innovations such as lower energy use. UBA has drafted policy recommendations that will be fed into the European debate about the Circular Economy Package. read more

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Flame retardants in products

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Flame retardants reduce the flammability of objects and can therefore delay the onset of a fire. Some of the commonly used flame retardants, however, can be toxic to the environment and human health. They are widespread traceable in indoor spaces and nature. read more

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