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Environmental Issues of Mineral and Metal Supply in a broader sustainability context

The minerals and metals industries, including the mining sector, have been associated with human rights violations and serious environmental impacts. How to address human rights violations and conflict related risks has been taken up broadly in due diligence guidance and company practice in mineral supply chains. Sector specific practical guidance on environmental issues is missing so far. read more

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Hazard radar for iron, copper and bauxite supply chains

Aerial view of the world's largest iron ore mine, the Carajás mine in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil

100 major copper, iron ore and bauxite (“aluminium ore”) mine sites worldwide have been assessed for their environmental hazard potentials. Results have been published in an interactive map with a number of filter functions. In particular, companies can use the map to analyse environmental risks along supply chains and to support their environmental due diligence. read more

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