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Research Project AdNEB „Advancing the New European Bauhaus”

along a canal in the city are white, four-storey houses in the Bauhaus style with roof terraces, balconies and small gardens with sunshades

Advancing the New European Bauhaus: Sustainable Mobility and Resilient Urban Spaces for a Better Quality of Life (AdNEB)” is an UBA in-house research project. It aims to develop recommendations for climate resilient, healthy, climate and environmentally friendly urban spaces with high quality living for all. Since 2024 UBA is an official friend of the EU’s “New European Bauhaus” initiative. read more

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Video lecture series on climate change and health

A sweaty man sits in his office in a shirt and tie, wiping his brow.

How do climate change and environmental degradation affect human health? What can people in the health professions do to promote climate protection and adaptation to climate change? This and much more is covered by experts in 15 video lectures, many of which are recorded online. UBA provided support for the lecture series from the funding programme for associations (Verbändeförderung). read more

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Climate-ADAPT first-stop-shop for adaptation knowledge in Europe

green roof

Climate-ADAPT, an online knowledge platform provided by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission since 2012, has grown into the most important place for information when it comes to adaptation to climate change in Europe. A report of the EEA informs about the experiences and effectiveness of the platform and points to ways of further improving it. read more


Indicator: Mixed forest

A graph shows the proportion of the forested area made up of mixed stands (2, 3 or 4 species of trees) and that of pure stands (semi-natural and non semi-natural). The proportion of mixed stands rose from almost 55 percent to almost 58 percent.

Between 2002 and 2012 the proportion of mixed stands in the total forest area increased from 55 to 58 %.The Federal Government has set itself the aim of increasing the proportion of mixed forest.It will require many decades until the forest conversion is completed. read more

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