Substances hazardous to waters

Substances and mixtures can pose a hazard to water bodies. To protect the water bodies from detrimental changes to their characteristics it is required that substances and mixtures that are handled or stored in facilities in Germany are classified for their water-hazardous properties. read more

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Format for the mandatory designation of construction products

The EU Construction Products Regulation requires from 1st July 2013 new complementary data to accompany construction products with CE marking. If the construction product contains substances of very high concern, these must be declared. Alternatively - if available - a safety data sheet must be enclosed. The Federal Environment Agency hands out advice for the format of the mandatory data. read more


Water body structure

A classification of quality of the water body structure (see table below) developed by the Working Group of the Federal States on Water Issues (LAWA) describes a change in water structural quality in terms of deviation from its potential natural state (reference condition). Maps of water landscapes served to define reference conditions. On small to medium-sized watercourses, the morphological... read more

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