A child that holds its head.

It is often difficult to find out exactly what triggers headaches or migraines. However, poor air quality should be considered when searching for headache causes. read more


Endocrine disruptors

A baby sits among cuddly toys with a ball in its hand.

In Germany the reproductive health of men is at risk. Recent representative studies performed in Hamburg and Leipzig clearly show that the male sperm quality is low. Today, young German men probably produce only one third of sperms their peers did thirty years ago. It is likely that half of young male Germans have such a low sperm quality that their ability to reproduce successfully is reduced.Res... read more

News on Noise

Noise can make people ill: New teaching material for schools

comic drawing: a head of a child, sourrounded by noisy things, like an ambulance, a radio and a loud speaker

Sleep disorders, increased blood pressure or even ringing in the ears (tinnitus) – noise can make people ill, even as early as childhood. A new interactive brochure from the UBA teaches third and fourth-year pupils about acoustics and noise in a playful way and aims to raise awareness of the problem of noise. read more



A girl blows her nose. In the background is a flower meadow with daisies an dandelion.

Allergies are the undesired and sometimes violent defensive reactions of the human (or animal) immune system to substances in the environment (allergens). read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment