Germany’s HELCOM Chairmanship 2020 – 2022

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On 1 July 2020, Germany took over the chairmanship of the Helsinki Commission for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea for two years. Selected pressures, the protection of species / habitats and climate change are among Germany's priority topics. The focus is on the revision of the Baltic Sea Action Plan, which will be adopted by a ministerial conference in October 2021. read more

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Ecological impact of farming

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Germany’s farming sector uses the largest amount of land, but is at the same a lynchpin of our economy – one that provides a reliable food supply and produces sustainable raw materials. The farming sector also plays a key role when it comes to preservation and development of the man-made environment. But increasingly intensive farming brings with it a host of eco-unfriendly effects. read more

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Non-native species

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The Antarctic Peninsula and parts of West Antarctica have a favourable climate by Antarctic standards. This is why many human research and tourist activities take place there. Together with measurable climate change these are the reasons why this region is also especially threatened by the introduction and spread of non-native species. read more

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