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The magazine "UMID: Environment and Human Health - Information Service" (German: "UMID: Umwelt und Mensch – Informationsdienst") is published annually in 2 issues. It provides information on current topics in the fields of environment and health, environmental medicine and consumer protection. Each article contains an English abstract. All issues are available in the archive. read more


Environmental justice – Environment, health and social conditions

Where we live is a determining factor for how much we are affected by environmental influences.

People with low incomes and little education are often more exposed to environmental stress than socially advantaged people. Under the heading of “environmental justice”, the UBA works on the subject of the (uneven) distribution of exposure to environm. pressures and environmental resources and its health implications, with the aim of helping to create healthy environmental and living conditions. read more


Environment and Health: newsletters and series

The cover pictures of newsletters and series about environment and health are shown.

Division Environmental Hygiene of the Federal Environmetal Agency periodically publishes new knowledges in the field of environmental hygiene (environment and health) that are gained in own studies and in cooperation with other federal agencies. The publication are available digitally and printed.  read more


Environmental impact on people

Eine Kuh grast auf einer Wiese, dahinter stehen Einfamilienhäuser. Hinter den Häuser ragen riesige qualmende Schornsteine empor.

Where people live, they create their own environment - living conditions, livelihood, social bonds and leisure-time activities secure and support their lives.City and rural communities are often influenced by similar environmental factors.  Problems can arise through climate change and from particulate matter from industrial combustion processors. The increasing demand of energy, industrial,... read more



A girl blows her nose. In the background is a flower meadow with daisies an dandelion.

Allergies are the undesired and sometimes violent defensive reactions of the human (or animal) immune system to substances in the environment (allergens). read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment