Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the 21st Century

Icons describing alternatives for biocides and networking with stakeholders.

Sustainable control of harmful organisms requires a large toolkit of possible instruments: From preventive management measures against pests to alternative non-biocidal control measures or an optimised use of biocides. With the initiative “Sustainable Control of Harmful Organisms in the Twenty-First Century” (SCOTTY), UBA brings together different competencies and concepts. read more


Maritime shipping

Sailing boat and container ship in the harbor of Hamburg

More and larger ships are sailing the world's oceans. Due to their high tonnages, ocean-going vessels can be a comparably environment-friendly means of transport. There is still considerable potential to design and construct them in such a way that they pollute the environment less. Proposals need to be developed and implemented at all levels of maritime policy.. read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment