Workshop: Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Make Ideas Work!

Science 14 Meeting Centre
Rue de la Science 14b
1040 Brussels

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe’s workshop: “Pharmaceuticals in the environment – make ideas work” in Brussels, 6th of September 2016

This high level event featured selected experts from national competent authorities, the European Commission (DG Environment and DG Santé), European Medicine Agency, Members of the European Parliament, permanent representatives of Member States, academics, and NGOs.

The workshop was a unique opportunity to discuss the first outcomes of the report prepared by Deloitte for the European Commission regarding pharmaceuticals in the environment. The workshop gathered participants from the 28 EU Member States and was by invitation only, for both speakers and participants.

Input and opinion were welcomed on the matter of pharmaceuticals in the environment, whilst stakeholders await the European Commission’s strategic approach to tackle the problem of pharmaceutical pollution (as demanded in the priority substances directive, foreseen for 2017).

Workshop Documents

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