Virtual Event: Digital Solutions to Reach the 2030-Agenda

Virtual dialogue in the context of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2020: Collaborative Action for Digital Solutions to Reach the 2030-Agenda - From Gaps to Opportunities.

Hosted by the German Environment Agency (UBA), UNDP, UNEP, Future Earth and the International Science Council (ISC)

This virtual dialogue in the context of the High-Level Political Forum 2020 will introduce an initiative in the nexus of digitalization and sustainability. Recently UNEP, UNDP, ISC, Future Earth and the German Environment Agency (UBA) have joined forces to create opportunities to better implement the 2030-Agenda through digitalization. We agree that it is the moment to strengthen our collaboration in order to accelerate joint action, supporting existing key initiatives and identifying needs for new activities.

The side event will highlight possible convergence of existing initiatives to identify critical needs for digital capacity building within the global governance system. We aim at accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and want to create a mutual understanding for joint action in order to invent a Framework of Collaboration on “A Digital Planet for Sustainability”. 

Venue: Zoom


09 July 2020, 8:00-9:00 (EDT) / 14:00-15:00 (CEST)

08:00 (EDT) /14:00 (CEST): Opening 

08:05 (EDT) / 14:05 (CEST): Going Digital to Implement the Sustainable Development Goals
David Jensen (UNEP)

08:15 (EDT) / 14:15 (CEST): Building Alliances for Transformations Towards Sustainable Digital Societies
Amy Luers (Future Earth)

08:25 (EDT) / 14:25 (CEST): Shaping Transformations: Rethinking Sustainable Development in the Digital Age
Dirk Messner (German Environment Agency)

08:35 (EDT) / 14:35 (CEST): Time for Discussion

08:55 (EDT) / 14:55 (CEST): Closing 


There is a need to create a joint initiative on a "Digital Planet for Sustainability" to embrace the opportunities of present and future digital solutions to reach the 17 SDGs by 2030 and beyond. This requires designing adequate infrastructural and institutional settings of local and global governance for sustainable digital societies, improving our research capacities in this newly emerging field of digital sustainability and sustainable digitalization, and developing capabilities for better and equitable implementation and private sector partnerships. We also need to renew the discussion on the ethical transition to the digital planet based on the principles of human rights and leaving no one behind.

This initiative will bring together experts and institutions in digitalization and sustainability from science, politics, national authorities and the tech organizations to build on the vision for the Digital Planet for Sustainability, the current landscape, gaps and needs, and actions that can be taken to accelerate the transformation towards just, sustainable digital societies.

The discussion on forced joint action is based on outcomes of an International Webinar Workshop on 22 and 23 June 2020, hosted by the German Environment Agency together with a number of selected institutions and initiatives. It will be further developed towards a Framework of Mutual Collaboration on “A Digital Planet for Sustainability”.



Virtual Event: Digital Solutions to Reach the 2030-Agenda

Virtual Event: Digital Solutions to Reach the 2030-Agenda

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