NiCE Online Seminar: Big Points for Sustainable Consumption

The NiCE project consortium, with UBA as lead partner, is pleased to announce a new online seminar series focused on capacity building for bringing sustainable consumption and circular lifestyles from the niche into city centres. The first webinar will start on 30 May at 10 am with the topic Big Points of sustainable consumption. The language of the seminars is English.

Don’t eat strawberries in winter, mix your own deodorant cream or use eco-detergent – there are plenty of tips for a more sustainable and circular lifestyle. But what really matters? The concept of the Big Points of sustainable consumption helps to identify those measures that are particularly important for effective environmental and climate protection. You can learn to identify truly impactful sustainable practices, separating fact from greenwashing. Discover a data-driven approach to sustainable living, focusing on actions with the greatest environmental benefit and how it can be applied to climate protection in cities.


Dr. Laura Spengler is an environmental expert and works as the head of the department “Sustainable Consumption Structures” at the German Environment Agency (UBA), where she deals with various aspects of sustainable consumption, indicators of sustainable consumption, eco-friendly product design, sustainable nutrition, and environmental innovations.


Zuzana Špuntová works as a consultant and project manager at the international startup “CYRKL”. She focuses on biodegradable waste and organic materials. She specializes in transforming waste into resources using valorization technologies such as composting facilities, biogas stations, wastewater treatment plants, biodegradation processes, and sludge management.

Engage with Dr. Laura Spengler and Zuzana Špuntová and gain personalized insights into your sustainability journey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join free online seminar that will take place on 30 May from 10:00 till 11:00. Please find the Login-Details on this Website.

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