Making the Planetary Boundaries Concept Work

Steigenberger Hotel
Los-Angeles-Platz 1
10789 Berlin

International Conference on the Practical Implications for Society, Economy and Politics

The conference addresses academia, governments, civil society, the private sector and media engaged in sustainable development, the socio-ecological transformation and the implementation of the sustainable development goals, the green economy, sustainable businesses and green finance, corporate risk and corporate environmental management, environmental communication and environmental education.

To allow for an intensive dialogue, the event will gather a targeted group of 200 international and national participants and has already confirmed expert speakers from Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden. Selected confirmed speakers are

  • Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Federal Environment Minister, Germany
  • Maria Krautzberger, President, German Environment Agency
  • Dr. Heinrich Bottermann, General Secretary, German Federal Environmental Foundation
  • Prof. Johan Rockström, Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

In particular, the international conference will:

  • Synthesize and discuss the current status of the planetary boundaries concept, recent developments, linkages with social and economic dimensions of a safe operating space (the space delineated by planetary boundaries in which societies can develop safely) and future research needs;
  • Synthesize and discuss the operationalization of the planetary boundaries concept in specific contexts, for economic, social, and political applications, societal learning at different geographical scales, policy contexts, and for different actors (governments, civil society, the private sector and media);
  • Generate agendas for the further development and application of the planetary boundaries concept for governments and regional and local policy-making, the private sector, civil society, media and academia to establish a safe operating space for a sustainability transformation.

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