Kick-off conference project „Advancing the New European Bauhaus”

The conference marks the kick-off of the UBA flagship project "„Advancing the New European Bauhaus” (AdNEB). The event features experts from the field and interesting discussions.

The President of the German Environment Agency Prof. Dr. Dirk Messner as well as Ruth Reichstein (Advisory Board of the President of the European Commission), Michela Magas (High Level Roundtable New European Bauhaus) and Prof. Dr. Schellnhuber (Bauhaus der Erde, tbc) will discuss in a high-level opening discussion panel the opportunities and challenges of the New European Bauhaus initiative of the European Commission. The full event agenda is as follows:

  9:00 High-level Discussion Round on New European Bauhaus

10:00 Introduction of AdNEB

10:30 Break

10:45 Parallel Workshops

  • Transporting NEB into Urban Retrofits - are Serial Solutions the Answer?
  • Sponge City: Enhancing Urban Climate Resilience through Blue-Green Infrastructures
  • Transformation of Urban Mobility through Temporary Interventions
  • Compact, Green and Mobile: Resilient and Multifunctional Urban Spaces

     Brief summaries from the workshops

12:15 Keynote
Prof. Dr. Harriet Bulkeley, Durham University, UK, Utrecht University, NL

12:45 Outlook: Alrun Pokert, National Focal Point, Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building (tbc)

An invitation to register for the event as well as the detailed programme will be distributed in June 2022. In the meantime, please have a look at the AdNEB project website to gather more insights and information regarding the event:

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