Closing event of the project „Product Information 4.0“

On March 5, 2024, the closing event for the "Product Information 4.0" project will take place in cooperation with "CIRPASS", "Battery Pass" and representatives from the European Commission and the German Environment Agency. Foundations for legal requirements, DPP examples, and implementation steps will be presented. Two panels will bring together experts from politics, industry, and science.

Background and Objective

The project “Product Information 4.0” aims to establish the foundations for a European digital product passport by expanding the legal information requirements. These requirements are determined together with the stakeholders using the example of energy-related products and textiles. The main question is how relevant product information can be digitally tracked along the product life cycle, brought together and made available to various target groups.

The large number of already existing tracking concepts and product information are identified, evaluated and, if possible, merged in the form of a concept for a product information system such as the digital product passport.

Project Focus Areas

  • Analysis of the existing information requirements e.g. from regulations, labels and initiatives
  • Identification of the information needs of various actors in workshops
  • Conception of the information tracking, transfer and technical implementation

What is the Digital Product Passport?

The digital product passport is an instrument for storing and permission-based sharing of information including material and functional characteristics of products. This also includes extended information which supports companies in fulfilling their information obligations, enables consumers to make sustainable consumption decisions, promotes repairs and high-quality recycling and thereby improves the overall circular economy.

Closing Event

On March 5, 2024, the closing event of the "Product Information 4.0" project will take place, conducted in cooperation with the "CIRPASS" ( and "Battery Pass" ( projects. This event marks the climax of a pioneering initiative aimed at setting the course in legislation for digitization and sustainable development in the field of product information. By pooling expertise and resources from the three projects, added value is created in the development and presentation of the results concerning a digital product passport. In addition to presenting the achieved results, the closing event offers insights into the future implementation and application of the developed technologies and standards. Participants from politics, industry, and science will come together to discuss the significance of these projects for a sustainable and digitalized future.

The event will take place with the project partners in Brussels and will be broadcast live. (link follows)


Battery Pass

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