A disruption of the sustainability transformation?

The TES Academy and the Ukraine Task Force at UBA invite all interested parties to the virtual event "A disruption of the sustainability transformation? – Sustainability policy perspectives on the war in Ukraine" to reflect on the implication of the war in Ukraine for international sustainability policy. The event consists of a key note (Imme Scholz), a panel discussion, and a public Q&A session.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the urgently needed sustainability transformation face new challenges due to the Russian war against Ukraine. Especially in European communities, many initiated changes are currently re-evaluated under the unprecedented geopolitical situation ("Zeitenwende"), such as energy supply, mobility, and agriculture.

The German Environment Agency (UBA) considers the new global situation both a potential threat and an opportunity for the vision of a sustainability transformation (e.g., transition to renewable energy). Therefore, UBA launches an online discussion series to reflect on the implications of the current crises with international experts. The series is organized by the newly established International Academy Transformation for Environment and Sustainability (TES Academy) at UBA and the UBA Ukraine Task Force. The TES Academy aims to bring together international experts and practitioners on sustainability issues to advance transformation activities. The UBA Ukraine Task Force analyzes the implications of the war in Ukraine for environmental and sustainability policy.

In our first event entitled “A disruption of the sustainability transformation? Sustainability policy perspectives on the war in Ukraine”), we want to explore the following questions during the event: Which additional challenges does the war in Ukraine pose for achieving the SDGs and international climate goals? What are the implications for international sustainability policy? What contribution can public and research institutions make to meet the new challenges and support international sustainability policy?

Keynote and discussion with

Imme Scholz (Executive Board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation e.V.),

Harald Ginzky (UBA II 2.1 General Water and Soil Aspects),

and additional invited panellists

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