2nd European Resources Forum (ERF)

Kantstraße 8
10623 Berlin

2nd European Resources Forum, November 10-11, 2014, Berlin

The German Federal Environment Agency is pleased to announce the 2nd European Resources Forum. The conference will take place on November 10-11, 2014, in Berlin, Germany.

Conference programme

After the success of the first European Resources Forum in 2012 with 440 participants from over 40 countries including more than 40 high-level speakers, the conference event in 2014 will focus on the following topics:

  • Policy panel: Europe’s responsibility for a sustainable use of natural resources
  • Targets for a sustainable resource use
  • Natural resources – to whom do they belong?
  • Parallel sessions A, B, C (November 11)
  • Sustainable resource use and the financial system
  • Resource efficiency in business – examples from EU member states
  • The “Berlin Declaration for Resource Efficiency”

Target groups

Participants of the 2nd European Resources Forum 2014 in Berlin can expect high level speakers, innovative conference formats and excellent chances for networking with decision makers and experts out of politics, economy, natural and social sciences, civil society and media.


For further details of the conference, the conference programme and a possibility for registration follow the conference website: www.resourcesforum.eu.

National Resources Forum (NRF)

After the ERF a National Resources Forum (NRF) will be held on 12th November 2014 (www.ressourcenforum.de).


Federal Environment Agency
Mr. Christopher Manstein
Section I 1.1
E-Mail: erf [at] uba [dot] de

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2nd European Resources Forum

European Resources Forum 2012

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  2. European Resources Forum 2012: plenary session
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  4. European Resources Forum 2012: Discussion
  5. European Resources Forum 2012: dinner speech
  6. European Resources Forum 2012: speaker
  7. European Resources Forum 2012: Mr. Flasbarth (President UBA), Mr. Altmaier (Minister of BMU)
  8. European Resources Forum 2012:Mr. Lehmann, Mr. von Weizsäcker, Mr. Barth, Mr. Romberg, Mrs. McIntyre
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