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Publikation | created on 07.05.2019 | changed on 08.05.2019

Economic Opportunities of Climate Action

Climate protection pays off! This is the central statement of the study "Economic opportunities through climate protection". The study examined which economic effects climate protection policy has had so far and which potentials will arise in the future. The results show: Climate protection goes hand in hand with innovation. Together with the necessary investments in renewable energies, energy... read more

Publikation | created on 08.11.2017 | changed on 22.11.2017


Es gibt immer mehr Forschungen, die sich mit Veränderungsprozessen in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit beschäftigen und sich Transformationsforschung nennen. Transformationsforschung gibt es in verschiedenen Forschungsrichtungen, zu verschiedenen Themenfeldern (z.B. Konsum, Mobilität, Energie) und mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten und Methoden. Dies macht einerseits die Transformationsforschung reichhalt... read more

Publikation | created on 11.12.2018 | changed on 12.12.2018

Fact Sheet: EU 2050 strategic vision “A Clean Planet for All”

The Paris Agreement invites parties to provide their low carbon development strategies by 2020 in order to disclose their plans to support the implementation of the Agreement. The European Commission (EC) published a set of documents presenting its analysis of options for long-term climate policy in the European Union. This factsheet has been worked out for the German Environment Agency within... read more

Artikel | created on 17.01.2018 | changed on 21.03.2019

Ten country reports on ambitious climate policy

The sum of greenhouse gas emission reductions from Parties to the UNFCCC is not enough to limit the level of global temperature rise to below either the 1.5°C or 2°C target. All Parties are therefore compelled to strengthen their reduction targets. The German Environment Agency (UBA) has commissioned an analysis of the institutional set up and challenges in ten selected countries. read more

Publikation | created on 28.01.2011 | changed on 04.07.2013

Climate Technology Initiative Capacity Building Seminar for CEE/FSU Countries

Ten years have almost passed since the Rio World Summit. United Nations’ Climate Convention has existed for the same period of time. International awareness of the negative environmental impacts of air emissions has been growing. Energy produced by fossil fuels is the main source of the harmful emissions linked to climate change. Therefore, focus has for a long period been on the creation of a... read more

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