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Artikel | created on 16.11.2018 | changed on 25.06.2020

RESCUE – Resource-Efficient Pathways to Greenhouse-Gas-Neutrality

In the RESCUE project, the German Environment Agency (UBA) explores the nexus between climate protection and associated resource requirements. Using six scenarios, different development paths are explored and insights gained on how to reduce future resource use and greenhouse-gas emissions in Germany. read more

Artikel | created on 21.10.2019 | changed on 10.01.2020

Germany’s System for Guarantees of Regional Origin (GRO)

The new Registry of guarantees of regional origin (RNR) makes it possible to issue regional GOs for electricity that has been financially supported according to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). RN-certificates show in which installation (e.g. a wind farm) an amount of electricity has been produced. Electricity suppliers can thus offer their customers regional electricity products. read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 29.09.2011 | changed on 18.07.2013

Green Markets: Investments in sustainable economic development

New ideas for green markets of the future and a “green economy“ will be the focus of the agenda at the international conference Green Markets - World of Sustainable Products sponsored by UBA on 29-30 September 2011 in the Urania in Berlin. “Green Economy” stands for resource and energy-efficient economic activity, which is geared towards triggering sustainable development worldwide, at continui... read more

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