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Dokument | created on 22.03.2019 | changed on 22.03.2019

Briefing Cohesion Policy post 2020: Non-eligible activities; Article 6

With Article 6 of the draft ERDF/Cohesion Fund-Regulation the EU-Commission submitted far-reaching proposals for the exclusion of funding areas from EU-Cohesion Policy post 2020. These non-eligible activities include areas with a poor cost-benefit ratio or which contradict EU policy priorities. The German Environment Agency now provides a briefing that assesses the proposals from an EU policy p... briefing_cohesion_policy_post_2020.pdf

Pressemitteilung | created on 23.09.2011 | changed on 09.07.2013

More sun in Germany’s schools

The "Solarenergie macht Schule e.V." association is now looking for the most solar-energy oriented school in Germany. “Solar energy is becoming more and more significant, which is why our youth should learn about it earlier on,” says President Jochen Flasbarth of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), who has taken on sponsorship of this contest. With respect to a secure energy supply fit for th... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment