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Publikation | created on 02.05.2019 | changed on 02.05.2019

Global greenhouse gas emission pathways until 2050

The project „Global greenhouse gas emission pathways until 2050“ assesses the requirements for limiting future global temperature rise to well below 2°C. It then explores to what extent current climate policies, and especially the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) support or endanger the achievement of the non-climate specific UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and from here spec... read more

Publikation | created on 30.11.2018 | changed on 30.11.2018

Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions

The study analyses the country background, emissions trends, ongoing activities and barriers relating to the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of Morocco under the UNFCCC. A special emphasis is laid on further mitigation potentials in the fields of urban environment, the mineral sector and the transport sector. A chapter is dedicated to the relevance and perspectiv... read more

Publikation | created on 05.04.2017 | changed on 10.10.2017

Developing criteria to align investments with 2°C-compatible pathways

This report is intended to enable investors to align their investments in physical assets with the internationally agreed objective of limiting global warming to well below 2 °C compared to preindustrial levels. The project focuses in particular on public finance institutions with a climate mandate or mission. However, the applicability of the guidance and criteria to the wider investment comm... read more

Publikation | created on 16.07.2014 | changed on 16.07.2014

Scenarios on the feasibility of emissions reductions consistent with 2°C stabilization

This report summarizes the results of the UFOPLAN project “Scenarios on the feasibility of emissions reduction scenarios consistent with 2°C stabilization” conducted by PIK and Ecofys. We use an integrated energy-economy-climate modeling system to examine how a further delay of cooperative action increases economic mitigation challenges. read more

Publikation | created on 10.04.2019 | changed on 15.04.2019

What Matters 1-2018: Recycling

UBA's biannual "What Matters" magazine covers current topics in environmental protection. The first edition “Recycling” takes an in-depth look at the circular economy in Germany with a special focus on plastics. The magazine offers data and facts and discusses current problems and possible solutions in Germany’s circular economy.  read more

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