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Publikation | created on 31.08.2015 | changed on 31.08.2015

Soziale Diskurse und Ziele der Klimaanpassung

Die DAS formuliert Ziele im Kontext der ressortübergreifenden Strategie bislang sehr allgemein, was die Akzeptanz erhöht und die Übertragung auf spezifische Handlungskontexte erleichtert. Dies stellt jedoch eine Herausforderung für die Bewertung der Anpassungsfortschritte dar. Die Aufgabe der Studien war es von daher, dieses Spannungsverhältnis auszuloten.  Vor diesem Hintergrund  wurde unters... read more

Publikation | created on 24.08.2017 | changed on 05.09.2017

Soziale Aspekte des Natur- und Umweltschutzes- Band I: Umweltgerechtigkeit

Das Themenfeld „Soziale Aspekte des Natur- und Umweltschutzes“ ist in der Umweltforschungsdatenbank stark vertreten. Über 1.000 Projekte können dazu recherchiert werden. Die Projekte werden in drei Teilbänden veröffentlicht: Band I: Umweltgerechtigkeit; Band II: Soziale Aspekte der Umweltpolitik; Band III: Umweltbewusstsein und sozialer Wandel. Der vorliegenden Band enthält eine Zusammenstellu... read more

Publikation | created on 23.09.2015 | changed on 17.11.2015

Data on the Environment 2015

Environmental policy requires great staying power not only in terms of climate protection. A look at air pollution control and water protection shows that while harmful emissions to the environment are decreasing in many areas, this is no reason to sound the all clear. For example, only ten percent of rivers and streams in Germany and only about one percent of examined sections of North and Ba... read more

Publikation | created on 04.05.2018 | changed on 23.07.2018

Coal-fired power generation and climate protection until 2030

With this position paper, the UBA proposes strategic measures and targeted climate policy instruments for achieving a reduction in coal-fired power generation for the period up until 2030. To achieve a disproportionately high reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the energy sector as a contribution to achieving the climate protection targets by 2020, the UBA recommends to limit coal-fired p... read more

Publikation | created on 09.01.2018 | changed on 11.01.2018

Transformation research

The last years, calls surged for a transformation research, which addresses the increasing global envi-ronmental and social challenges and supports transformations towards sustainability. As transfor-mation research developed rapidly in relation to various societal domains and established research strands, there is currently a need for self-reflection with regard to empirical and theoretical c... read more

Publikation | created on 04.01.2018 | changed on 04.01.2018

A resource efficient pathway towards a greenhouse gas neutral Germany

The study shows that it is possible to transform Germany to both greenhouse gas neutral and resource efficient. One side of the balance is greenhouse gas and raw material saving due to exit from fossil energy carriers and the other is the increased raw material use for the construction of the renewable energy system. In the “GreenEe” scenario it is possible to reduce the GHG emissions in 2050 ... read more

Publikation | created on 23.03.2017 | changed on 25.04.2018

Analysis of selected climate protection scenarios for European countries

Core prerequisite for reaching global ambitous climate targets is a nearly carbon-free economy by mid-century. In this context a number of EU member states have developed long-term climate scenarios and thus initiated first discussions on national and European level. However, based on national circumstances, political orientation and differences in national starting points, the scenarios diffe... read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment