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Pressemitteilung | created on 01.03.2016 | changed on 23.01.2017

UBA research studies point out ways for efficient integration of renewable energy into the electricity market

Two new research studies completed on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA) show how the electricity market can master the challenges from further developing renewable energy. Their conclusion: the main approach should aim to optimize the existing electricity wholesale market, also known as Electricity Market 2.0. read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 23.09.2011 | changed on 09.07.2013

More sun in Germany’s schools

The "Solarenergie macht Schule e.V." association is now looking for the most solar-energy oriented school in Germany. “Solar energy is becoming more and more significant, which is why our youth should learn about it earlier on,” says President Jochen Flasbarth of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), who has taken on sponsorship of this contest. With respect to a secure energy supply fit for th... read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 29.02.2012 | changed on 05.07.2013

Emissions trading: UBA accepts bid on German auction platform for 2012-2013

The European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) in Leipzig has won the contract to act as auction platform for emissions trading in Germany. This temporary platform will act as forum for the auction of German emissions allowances (EUA) in the third trading period (2013-2020) through March 2013 or longer. In addition to so-called ‘early auctions’ for the third trading period, the platform will also auctio... read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 24.11.2011 | changed on 28.06.2013

Act and negotiate in Durban

There will be no “all clear” for the climate: global emissions of greenhouse gases have reached another new all-time high - never in the history of mankind has so much CO2 from fossil fuels been released into the atmosphere as in 2010. A major political effort will be needed at the UN Climate Conference in Durban if effective rules to curb emissions are to be agreed. The Kyoto Protocol, the onl... read more

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