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Pressemitteilung | created on 01.03.2016 | changed on 23.01.2017

UBA research studies point out ways for efficient integration of renewable energy into the electricity market

Two new research studies completed on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA) show how the electricity market can master the challenges from further developing renewable energy. Their conclusion: the main approach should aim to optimize the existing electricity wholesale market, also known as Electricity Market 2.0. read more

Dokument | created on 13.02.2014 | changed on 13.02.2014

Conference programme "Elements of a Greenhouse Gas Neutral Society"

Dokument | created on 22.03.2019 | changed on 22.03.2019

Briefing Cohesion Policy post 2020: Non-eligible activities; Article 6

With Article 6 of the draft ERDF/Cohesion Fund-Regulation the EU-Commission submitted far-reaching proposals for the exclusion of funding areas from EU-Cohesion Policy post 2020. These non-eligible activities include areas with a poor cost-benefit ratio or which contradict EU policy priorities. The German Environment Agency now provides a briefing that assesses the proposals from an EU policy p... briefing_cohesion_policy_post_2020.pdf

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