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Dokument | created on 13.02.2014 | changed on 13.02.2014

Conference programme "Elements of a Greenhouse Gas Neutral Society"

Dokument | created on 22.03.2019 | changed on 22.03.2019

Briefing Cohesion Policy post 2020: Non-eligible activities; Article 6

With Article 6 of the draft ERDF/Cohesion Fund-Regulation the EU-Commission submitted far-reaching proposals for the exclusion of funding areas from EU-Cohesion Policy post 2020. These non-eligible activities include areas with a poor cost-benefit ratio or which contradict EU policy priorities. The German Environment Agency now provides a briefing that assesses the proposals from an EU policy p... briefing_cohesion_policy_post_2020.pdf

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment