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News | created on 12.02.2019 | changed on 14.02.2019

Climate protection and clean air: Polish-German city cooperation

Climate protection and better air quality are important issues in cities in both Poland and Germany. In an advisory assistance project of the German Federal Environment Ministry and the UBA, the exchange of experiences and collaboration between municipalities in Germany and Poland as well as other key stakeholders was intensified for the transition to a low-emissions economy. read more

News | created on 10.10.2018 | changed on 10.10.2018

UBA Key Priorities for the new EU Long-term Climate Strategy

Since the Paris Agreement invites parties to provide their low carbon development strategies by 2020, the European Union is currently preparing its respective mid-century long-term climate strategy. Within a public consultation the German Environment Agency (UBA) provided recently its submission on key priorities relevant for the new EU strategy. read more

News | created on 19.03.2015 | changed on 31.03.2015

Directors of the EPA Network met Frans Timmermans

A delegation of directors from Environmental Protection Agencies across Europe (EPA Network) met with the First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans to discuss a paper with recommendations compiled by the group. read more

News | created on 07.03.2019 | changed on 07.03.2019

Sewage sludge disposal in Germany

Heavy metals, residues of pharmaceutical drugs and plastic: just a few of the many pollutants contained in sewage sludge. Until recently most of the sludges were used as agricultural fertiliser. Nowadays more than half of it is used and combusted for energy purposes. A new UBA brochure has information on disposal practices and on the current status in sludge treatment and recycling. read more

News | created on 04.12.2019 | changed on 04.12.2019

Assessment of the EU’s strategic vision “A Clean Planet for All”

In 2018, the European Commission published its communication “A clean planet for all”, which calls for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. A thorough study commissioned by UBA assessing the underlying scenarios for policy making shows, that central aspects for building an adequate ambitious long-term climate strategy, such as socio-economic, fiscal and technological, had been considered. read more

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