Cover of the What Matters magazine about PFAS

What Matters 1-2020: PFAS. Came to stay.

Each issue of the German Environment Agency's "What Matters" magazine is devoted to relevant topics in the field of environmental protection. It is published every six months.  In its 1-2020 issue, UBA looks at chemicals with the abbreviation PFAS: per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances. These chemicals are used in many applications for their water, grease and soil-repellent function. Coffee-to-go cups, for example, can be coated with PFAS, just like water-repellent outdoor textiles. These chemicals are also contained in fire-fighting foams. There are a total of 4,700 different substances, the effects of which on humans and the environment are largely unresearched. PFAS are very durable and mobile. They are distributed across the globe by wind and water and accumulate in water, soil and living organisms - including humans. The What Matters magazine looks at these questions: What exactly are PFAS? How are they used? How do they get into the environment? And what can be done about the substances?

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