Cover of the background paper "The Green New Consensus" as at September 2020 from the German Environment Agency
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The Green New Consensus: Study Shows Broad Consensus on Green Recovery Programmes and Structural Reforms

The paper analyses 130 studies on green recovery programmes. It finds broad consensus on the need to use the Covid-19 recovery efforts to also address the climate and biodiversity crises. Consensus also exist on the benefits of green recovery programmes, the eligibility criteria to be applied and suitable areas of support. Further, research is increasingly calling for linking green recovery programmes with structural reforms to achieve positive long-term effects. This includes ambitious carbon pricing, reduction of environmentally harmful subsidies, and sustainable financial markets. Moreover, all recovery measures should undergo a sustainability check and be monitored for their impacts, and adjusted where necessary.

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Dr. Andreas Burger, Dr. Kora Kristof, Dr. Astrid Matthey
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