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Promoting transformational change through carbon markets

Strengthening the transformational impact of carbon market cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

The research project explores how carbon market approaches under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement can contribute to the transformational change required by these global agreements. The project names insights and recommendations for how to design and implement Article 6 rules and activities to promote transformational change through carbon markets. In this regard a definition of transformational change suitable for Article 6 was proposed, Article 6 piloting projects were analysed and an incentive structure to increase ambition through Article 6 was designed.

Climate Change | 40/2022
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Karen Holm Olsen, Mathilde Kolenda, Susanne Konrad, Søren Lütken, Philipp Censkowsky, Agalaja Espelage, Stephan Hoch, Juliana Kessler, Axel Michaelowa, Aayushi Singh, Urs Brodmann, Yves Keller
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3719 42 504 0
German Environment Agency
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