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Plastics in the environment

Plastics are important materials, and the demand for and the consumption of plastic has been increasing for years. When plastics enter the environment, they can cause great damage to both ecosystems and living organisms. Meanwhile, plastics is found in oceans, rivers, lakes, and soil. One of the mains causes worldwide is the lack of insufficient waste and wastewater management but there are many other sources like tyre abrasion, films from agriculture, or plastic particles from cosmetics or cleaning materials. In addition, more and more plastic material enters the environment through littering. This paper shows – with regard to Germany - where we stand, what we need to do, what the research needs are, and which measures we can already implement in order to tackle the problem.

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Lilian Busse, Bettina Rechenberg, Claus-Gerhard Bannick, Camilla Beulker, Annegret BiegelEngler, Frank Brauer, Ingrid Chorus, Ulrich Claussen, Ina Ebert, Philipp Eichler, Marcus Gast, Gunnar Gohlisch, Tamara Grummt, Joachim Heidemeier (†), Tim Hermann, Franziska Krüger, Marcel Langner, Lars Mönch, Volker Mohaupt, Ines Oehme, Andrea Roskosch, Ralf Schmidt, Martin Schmied, Katrin Scholz, Lars Tietjen, Volker Weiss, Stefanie Werner, Marion Wichmann-Fiebig
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