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Options for the political phase of the Global Stocktake

The discussion paper explores several options for the political phase of the first global stocktake (GST) under the Paris Agreement, which will be concluded at the end of 2023. This phase could be organised by thematic area as defined by the GST or structured by sector. Organising the political phase by thematic area possibly facilitates high-level participation and visibility, while organising this phase by sector may facilitate enhancing NDCs in specific sectors. Also, for the outputs of the GST, the paper discusses several options, including a cover decision, political declarations or sectoral commitments, one or several CMA decisions, and a technical annex.

Climate Change | 06/2023
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1 Lorenz Moosmann, Christiane Beuermann, Carsten Elsner, Dr. Christiane Textor
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3721 41 507 0
German Environment Agency
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