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Low-Carbon Europe 2050

Decomposition analysis of long-term projections for the European Union and selected Member States

In order to elaborate the scenario “Greenhousegas Neutral Europe“ UBA has commissioned a survey on levers relevant for decarbonisation in selected energy scenarios. Overall, significant mitigation potential can be observed in the power sector, although scenarios differ in realizing emissions reductions in 2050. The respective levers for decarbonisation in the sectors are: Renewable energies in the power sector. Energy effiency, electrification and renewable energies in the services and building sectors. In the transport sector relevant levers are energy efficiency, renewable fuels, electrification and power-to-gas or power-to-liquid options. The industry sector could benefit by using renewable energies, electrification, carbon capture and storage and power-to-gas or power to liquid options.

Climate Change | 28/2019
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Felix Chr. Matthes, Benjamin Greiner, Vicki Duscha, Jakob Wachsmuth
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