Cover of the publication Texte 177/2020 "Let´s go! : Framework for a National Walking Strategy: International Version" of the German Environment Agency
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Let’s go!

Framework for a National Walking Strategy

International Version

Walking is the healthiest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly means of transport. Furthermore, active mobility, such as walking and cycling, is an essential element in successfully transforming the transport sector and achieving sustainable urban mobility. Despite this walking is still a niche topic in Germany. Cities, towns and communities who are responsible for walking are calling for a clear commitment from the German government to promote and support walking. This English short version shows how a National Walking Strategy could contribute to strengthening walking. It sets out which shortcomings need removing, pinpoints possible targets and respective areas for action. The intention of the brochure is to make the general guidelines for a national walking strategy for Germany accessible to as many decision-makers as possible beyond the country’s borders. Presented is a selection of chapters from the original German document which we consider to be of particular relevance for those outside Germany with an interest in this topic.

Texte | 177/2020
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Uta Bauer, Martina Hertel, Lisa Buchmann, Dr. Michael Frehn, Merja Spott
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