Cover Umwelt und Gesundheit 01/2016 Human Biomonitoring of „new“ contaminants: Sub-Project 2 – Screening of target and nontarget contaminants in human blood and urine

Human Biomonitoring of „new“ contaminants: Sub- Project 2 – Screening of target and non-target contaminants in human blood and urine

The development of screening methods has increased over the last years due to the possibility to search for multiple targets and suspected and so far unknown compounds. Non-target screening has mostly been restricted to water and food samples, only a few studies have shown an application to biological samples. Thus the objective of this project was to develop and apply a non-target screening method to human urine and blood samples. The method development was done by using a broad range of target analytes from various chemical groups, like aromatic amines, industrial chemicals, perfluorinated alkyl acids and UV filters. For sample preparation the QuEChERS (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe) method was tested, samples were extracted using acetonitrile and salts for phase separation, followed by a sample clean-up using dispersive solid phase extraction. Urine samples were also directly injected into the LC-HRMS.

Umwelt & Gesundheit | 01/2016
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Merle Plaßmann, Werner Brack, Martin Krauss
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