Cover des Berichts "How can the echo of the Global Stocktake be leveraged for enhanced climate action?"
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How can the Global Stocktake be leveraged for enhanced climate action?

Updated Second Edition

The study analyses strategies and offers recommendations for leveraging the Global Stocktake’s (GST) outcomes for national climate action, especially for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). It emphasizes the need for coordinated efforts to ensure the results of the GST influence national political discourse. It proposes communication strategies tailored to the different stages of the NDC policy process and diverse target audiences. Drawing on a wide range of examples, the paper advocates for a nuanced and strategic approach to communication and emphasizes the importance of legitimacy and complexity in engaging stakeholders at different levels of decision-making.

Climate Change | 48/2023
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Lukas Hermwille, Carsten Elsner, Wolfgang Obergassel
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3721 41 507 0
German Environment Agency
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